Metal, the Most Common Product Used in Design and Production Today

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Metal is used in almost every product today. Whether it is directly involved in the creation of the product or metal tools were used to assemble the product, it is a valuable and necessary product. Sheet metal, specifically, is a smaller and thinner type of metal that is often used in industrial industries. Some of the most common sheet metal products are listed below.

Stainless steel appliances
Stainless steel appliances are the preferred appliance of today. They are easier to clean, look more modern, and are more efficient than previous models. The creation of stainless steel appliances requires the thinnest of sheet metal products. Fortunately, it is one of the most common types of metal used, making it fairly simple to produce. Industrial sheet metal is the number one most common type of metal used in manufacturing, especially when it comes to appliances today. The 5 axis machining process is a common technique used for the production of stainless steel appliances.

Aluminum products
Sheet metal is often used for aluminum products because it is cost efficient and extremely flexible. The aluminum version of sheet metal is also highly weather resistant, making it a great build option for exterior products. You will often find aluminum products on the exterior of a residential or commercial building. The 5 axis machining process may also be used for designing aluminum products. A 5 axis machining process moves a part or a tool on five different axes at the same time, unlike 3 axis machining, which moves a part in two directions (X and Y) while the tool moves up and down (Z). You will find that most metal is designed using the 5 axis machining process.

Metal fasteners
Sometimes, sheet metal is used as a fastener rather than as the intended product. The fastener of a build must be extremely strong and durable, making steel a great option. When you use steel to attach items, you know that it is sturdy. Many metal fabrication processes include both sheet metal fabrications and metal fastening productions. It is also common to have products not designed with sheet metal that have metal fasteners. Metal fasteners can be effective in holding together other types of products including plastics, wood, and other types of precision CNC machining services.

Steel as sturdy builds
You will also find that steel is commonly used in the build of large buildings. For example, the Eiffel Tower contains tons and tons of steel. The Eiffel Tower is one of the largest buildings and is prone to many weather conditions. The strength of the steel prevents it from bending, breaking, or falling. However, the steel of this large build is continually checked to ensure that it is holding up. In some cases, the metal fasteners or specific parts of the sheet metal may need to be changed out, but it is unlikely that the entire thing loses strength altogether.

The recyclability of steel
Steel is also extremely rare because it is highly recyclable. It can be torn down, melted, and recreated into another steel item that is just as strong. A single CNC machining company will both produce and recycle steel products. In fact, nearly 69% of steel is recycled in North America each year. The high recyclability levels make it even more cost effective and easier to work with.

Steel is used in the production of many products. Every item you look at is or was likely designed or produced with steel. Steel is commonly used because it is durable, strong, and recyclable. More and more industries are learning of the benefits of steel and sheet metals and are finding new ways to introduce it to their current design techniques.


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