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The hotel room was a mess. Arriving to the room after midnight had you so tired that you almost decided to ignore the first two problems, but after after being in the room for 30 minutes your family decided that this was not going to be a place that you could stay for seven days.
Returning to the hotel lobby you provided a list of all of the problems with the room. While the gentleman working the desk attempted to dismiss the fist couple of issues, he finally admitted that this was indeed a room that was not going to work for your lengthy stay. Unfortunately, he did not have any other rooms available. The fact that the hotel was so full likely explains why they tried to put a guest in the far less than adequate room.
Although there were no rooms at this location, the hotel employee found your family a room at another location. A few keystrokes later, your first reservation had been cancelled, and a new one had been made. Problem solved.
Kind of.
The lingering charge from the first hotel, however, remained. And because it was for a seven day stay, the lingering charge was well over $1500. Adding the new $1500 charge for the acceptable hotel room, these two amounts made for more than $3,000 in charges on your card in the first few hours of arriving for vacation. and while chargeback protection for ecommerce can protect both the consumer and the business, in this case the double charge for hotel rooms was making the beginning of the vacation pretty sressful.
Payment Processing Consultants Can Sometimes Help Resolve Chargeback Protection Issues
How often do you use cash? Once a day when you buy your morning coffee? Sunday mornings when you give your children money for the collection tray at sunday School?
If you are like many Americans, cash is not something that is often a part of your everyday life. For the majority of purchases, many of us rely on credit card payment services. And while these secure payment options are convenient in many ways, they also cause a challenge when it comes to chargeback protection for ecommerce. Both retailers and consumers suffer consequences when credit card challenges occur. Some merchants find having access to a website that can confirm and validate purchases for merchants across the country can make a difference. A site that can help manage consumer changes modifications and facilitate a smooth transition for service and product delivery allows merchants to make sure that they are getting the payments they need as soon as possible.
The fact that Global e-commerce sales generate more than $900,000 every 30 seconds through desktop sales indicates the proliferation card not present transactions. Additionally, $269,683 in sales is generated through mobile devices. The continued improvement of the chargeback protection for ecommerce means that these payments and disputes will be processed accurately and efficiently.

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