Medical Marijuana Helps Those Suffering From Cancer, Chronic Pain, and PTSD

Medical marijuana operations

Marijuana, a hotly debated topic for many years, is quickly gaining support among those in the medical community and the general public overall. Not only are studies finding medicinal benefits from marijuana, but over half of the population in the U.S., about 58%, support legalizing marijuana and an impressive 76% of doctors are all for medical marijuana usage by those who need it. Already 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of medical marijuana, and it’s expected that other states will join soon, especially as more begin to see the medical and economic benefits that legalizing marijuana will bring and more begin to toy with the idea of a streamlined medical marijuana facility design.

In terms of medical benefits, physicians across the country are now prescribing medical marijuana to their patients suffering from a slew of different serious medical ailments, like cancer, chronic pain, and arthritis. Some physicians are even beginning to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Many of these patients are military personnel returning from their service in the Middle East. Studies suggest that PTSD is very common among military personnel returning from active duty, and in areas like New Mexico, PTSD is the number one diagnosis that results in a prescription of medical marijuana. And it must be working fairly well, because an estimated 92% of patients using medical marijuana say it works.

From an economic standpoint, legalizing marijuana would seem like a no brainer. Just from looking at the economic benefits of previous years that the cannabis industry brought to the market, one can clearly see that there’s a lot of money to be made. Just in 2014, the cannabis market grew by 74%, an impressive increase from 2013 when the cannabis industry made $1.5 billion! There’s no signs of the industry slowing down, either. The industry was expected to grow another 32% just on 2015, and even more in 2016.

If every state legalized marijuana, the U.S. would be looking at an estimated value of retail sales of $36.8 billion! Of the total legal cannabis, the earnings over the next five years are estimated to surpass organic foods, the film industry, and will more than triple the NFL annual earnings! A good place to start expanding the industry would be to focus on a good medical marijuana facility design and implement it wherever possible in order to streamline the industry.

There are many benefits to legalizing marijuana. The medical ones alone should be enough to convince anyone that legalizing marijuana is the way to go. Economically, legalizing marijuana would have significant benefits to the U.S. economy at a time where it could really use a boost! That’s why it’s important that more people support marijuana legalization and that more people begin to invest in a good medical marijuana facility design and build facilities all over. Interested in starting a medical marijuana business? Now would be a great time begin thinking up a business plan and getting in touch with cannabis consultants to help obtain a medical marijuana business license and learn about medical marijuana cultivation.

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