Making Use of Air Pressure Lubrication

Modern machines are technological marvels, ranging from car engine parts such as air compressors all the way to lathes and factory parts that assemble many modern finished products. These machines have a lot of moving parts, and this may often generate friction, heat, or even sparks, and this may damage the machines and their metal surfaces unless lubrication oils such as Purolube and other brands are used. This may range from synthetic compressor oil all the way to rotary screw air compressors to industrial air compressor parts. Using Purolube and other brands to keep these hard-working machines in order sounds like a mundane topic, but without the work of Purolube and other brands, many of today’s vehicle engines and factory parts would suffer greatly. Compressor oil analysis may let a worker know if their Purolube needs to be updated, and factory owners may find proper lubrication supplies available from wholesale vendors in their area. What else is there to know about such lube and the machines that need it?

The Machines

Where is this lube being used? Car engines, for one, make use of air compressors during theier work, and these compressors might suffer if they do not have the right lube applied to them. Such air compressors generate heat and pressure during their operation, but proper lube may help dispel this heat faster and prevent metal from warping from unsafe heat levels. What is more, such lube doubles as a sealant that helps prevent air from escaping the compressor during use. Leaking air weakens the air compressor’s performance and thus the car’s performance. On top of that, the lube will perform its original and must fundamental function: lubricate all moving parts so that they do not unsafely scrape against one another and generate sparks or wear down metal parts. When a car engine is manufactured, the factory will also apply the correct lube to all moving parts to keep them safe and fully functional as the car drives.

Factories also make use of many moving metal parts, and many of these machines might experience unsafe heat, friction, scratches, or pressure if lube is not used on them. A circular saw is spinning very fast during its work, and proper lube will keep this saw spinning and gliding without any undue friction or issues. The same is true for power drills, which use a lot of torque during their work. Lube may be found inside the drill chuck, for example, the protective casing around the drill bit that keeps the whole assembly together. Otherwise, factory tools such as these may damage themselves with unsafe and extreme pressure, scraping each other’s surfaces, or even generating sparks or heat that damage the machines. This, in turn, may cause the machines to shut down, and the factory is losing money while it hires repair crews. The whole time during repair work, the factory is also losing money because it is not producing anything with those damaged, shut-down machines.

Making Use of Lube

Any responsible factory owner or auto shop owner will ensure that all necessary wholesale supplies are always on hand or ready to purchase, and this certainly includes machine lube, among other things. This supports a large business; Future Market Insights’ report in 2016 showed that some 2.5 million metric tonnes of metalworking fluids were sold and shipped around the world. The problem is that not all companies and their owners are fully diligent about purchasing and using the correct lube for their work. An international study conducted recently showed that only 42% of all manufacturing companies are using all the correct procedures for managing their machine lubrication correctly. Similarly, 63% of those companies believe that they aren’t conducting staff training on lubricant use as often as they should. Any responsible factory owner may conduct a survey of all supervisors and managers on this topic, and even perform personal inspections of the machines if need be. This may reveal some shortcomings in the factory’s use of metal lubricants, and correcting these problems may prevent costly and unexpected machine shutdowns or damage in the future. Purchasing and installing the right lube is simple enough, and will certainly be a fine investment for the machines.

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