Major Changes Coming to GameStop Locations

Custom signage is an incredibly important advertising tool. In fact, statistics show that 79% of people throughout the United States remember a company based on their signage. Considering that, it appears that the public has felt quite positive about GameStop’s signs. With over $9 billion in revenue during 2017, this company is clearly doing well. However, they’re likely about to doing better by upgrading signs across over 3,800 GameStop locations. Here’s more information about GameStop and how they’re updating their signage.

A Brief History of GameStop

Throughout the past, video game players had two options which were either to rent or purchase games. However, retailers were only able to offer games for sale that were brand new. This meant that people would have to pay upwards of $40-60 for a new game.

GameStop had a strategy designed to become profitable while helping gamers get better deals. This company allowed people to bring in their used video games and consoles. In turn, GameStop would give them back cash. This also meant that GameStop locations across the United States were rapidly expanding their inventories. Throughout recent years, GameStop has shown no real signs of slowing down in regards to popularity and profitability.

The New Partnership Between GameStop and Right Media

Statistics show that 71% of those surveyed reported looking at messages on roadside advertisements. If you’ve driven by or visited a GameStop lately, you might have noticed that their signage hasn’t changed in a while. A lack of new signage hasn’t necessarily hurt the company. However, the company felt things could be improved upon. Considering that, this company partnered with Right Media Solutions.

While Right Media Solutions primarily offers in store video content, it’s important to note a big change coming to GameStop. This company will now be using Commercial Chromebox media players. These players allow HTML5 content to be utilized for digital signs. Therefore, this could mean that major improvements will be coming to GameStop signs in the near future.

To summarize, gaming giant GameStop recently announced a partnership with Right Media Solutions. This means that GameStop’s signage could soon be receiving a major upgrade. If your company’s signage is lacking, consider contacting a company that provides custom signs. Custom sign designs help bring more customers to your business. In fact, effective custom signage can help generate an additional 75% to your company’s customer base and referrals. If you want more customers coming into your business, consider contacting a custom signage company.

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