Machine Productivity 4 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Heavy Equipment

Caterpillar used oem parts

Anyone who works in the construction trades has noticed a major shift in the past five years. More and more construction companies are moving away from owning their own heavy equipment, and instead transitioning to renting some or all of their machines. Of course, larger construction companies may not have a choice, and can work far more efficiently with their own fleet of heavy equipment.

So how do you get the most from your heavy equipment? How can you boost machine productivity to get the highest return on investment from each machine in your fleet? Here are some simple tips you can start applying today.

1. When You’re Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place…

Consider breaking rock with a hammer instead of digging through it. This will help avoid unnecessary machine wear and extend the life of your equipment. Plus, this can help save your operators time on the job as well, saving you money in both the long and short term.

2. Fuel Efficient Also Means Cost Efficient

Whenever possible, utilize fuel efficiency settings during heavy equipment operation. If your machines have no such option, work with your operators to ensure idle times are kept at a minimum. This will reduce refueling requirements and save money.

3. For Large Jobs, Bring Various Bucket Sizes

Here’s a great tip for boosting machine productivity straight from the official Caterpillar blog: “Keep a variety of bucket widths on hand to move material efficiently. The price of a bucket can easily offset the additional cost of correcting project work…Consider using a wheel loader with a bucket for loads that must be moved over greater distances to increase efficiency.”

4. Whenever Possible, Invest in Used Cat Parts

For those who own their own heavy equipment, it’s crucial to get the longest operating life that you can. Fortunately, for popular heavy equipment manufacturers, it’s easy to find used parts. The best heavy equipment parts providers should have a wide selection of used Caterpillar parts in stock, from heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders to used buckets. To extend the life of your machines, invest in quality used cat parts whenever possible.

Got any more tips on boosting machine productivity in the field? Let us know in the comments!

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