Leasing Office Space What To Expect

Coworking office space

With over 28 million small business in existence in the United States, the demand for commercial space for rent is larger than ever. Having a brick and mortar location is vital to most small businesses, and moving from a startup location ? often the business owner?s home ? to a ?real? office or warehouse is a major step in their development. Once you first step foot in your office space, you?ll be able to not only work more efficiently, but hire new employees and manage more tasks at once. If you?re still hesitating about finding office space for a lease, there are a few things you should know.

Office Space Rentals: More Affordable Than You?d Imagine

The Kauffman Foundation estimated in 2009 that the average startup cost was $30,000 ? no small sum, to be sure, but more manageable than many think. Furthermore, many ? though not all ? startup costs can be tax-deductible within the first year of business. That?s right — p to $5,000 of the money you spend in the first year of starting your business can be refunded. Finally, a professional space is an incredibly necessary cost when starting a business. Commercial space for rent is not something you can consider, but rather something you should be fully prepared to invest in.

Why Rent Rather Than Buying?

The reasons why you should look for commercial space for rent rather than jumping to buy are diverse and plentiful. For one thing, no matter how well your small business is doing, buying while starting up is risky. You could face relocation in the future, or even, unfortunately, selling due to financial trouble. Renting allows you to have the temporary office space you need without you making a major financial commitment. Furthermore, office space leases tend to be rather flexible, with many brokers willing to work with you on anything from a one-year to 10-year lease. Some are even willing to sell in the future, should you wish to keep your office space.

Keep Employees In Mind

So you?ve decided to find office space for rent. Great idea ? but don?t forget that small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995, and you?re probably hoping to create more. An important part of being a ?good boss?, is finding not simply cheap office spaces for rent, but space that your employees will appreciate and be happy with. According to an international study, there are 5 factors that contribute to employee productivity: special arrangements, furniture, noise, lighting, and temperature. Keep those in mind, and there?s no reason to think that you won?t be able to find an office space that satisfies both your employees? needs and that of your business ? all while staying within your budget!

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