Landscaping and Patios What to Know

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For those Americans who want a house with a backyard that is manicured and well designed, they may think of installing patio. Patios are useful for hosting families and friends in the backyards, providing an area for the lounging and the talking and the sharing of drinks. It turns out that certain patios are “all the rage.”

There are some statistics surrounding the patio industry:

  • The landscaping industry is set to experience an estimated 5.9% growth annually through 2019.
  • Approximately 63% of homeowners report that they would replace turfgrass with hardscaping elements in their backyard.
  • The national average concrete patio is $2,511.

The landscaping industry is growing and that means house owners are putting effort into keeping their lawns nice, free of weeds, free or rocks, and with many of the trees remaining either purposeful and beautiful, not restraining the yard in any way.

Landscaping offers the possibility of a great return on investment for someone looking to sell the house as well.

Landscaping involves certain factors that go into influencing the beauty and upkeep of a yard. First, there is the grass. The grass, within landscaping, is mowed down depending on the time of year and the climate as to how many times it needs to be mowed. There is the watering of the grass and the ridding of weeds from the walkways.

Landscaping also involves taking out all the rocks and things that are blights on the lawn area, such as large twigs, unnatural plants, any kind of major rock that gets in the way and looks unseemly. Landscaping involves larger projects, including the leveling out of a plan if there is a slope or constructing a raise area for a garden.

Laying down a patio can be seen as part of the landscaping business. It is also a mini-construction project, though probably not classified that way. A patio has measurable benefits on a lawn in terms of appearance. The stone is featured well, whether it’s a walkway or it’s a concrete patio connected to the back of the house.

Hardscaping elements (another term of placing down manufactured stone that is used for backyard purposes) allows the yard to feel more like a garden of sorts. The walking paths, the back patio, give it all a “human touch.” The feel is that the yard is no longer just a place for dogs and walking around aimlessly: There are paths.

Laying down a patio takes time and money. First, there is the patio material, which is generally concrete in the past few years. Some statistics around concrete are:

  • More than seven billion cubic meters of concrete are produced annually
  • Concrete typically reaches between 3,000 and 7,000 PSI but can reach up to 20,000 PSI
  • Concrete formed naturally in Israel almost 12 million years ago.

And there are others as well. The global decorative concrete market is set to reach a value of $12.78 billion by 2022. Patios are most often made of concrete, as their durability, ability to handle water from rainfall, ability to be cleaned easily, lends them well to a low maintenance patio and paths.

There is also the patio design. The patio design can vary depending on the layout of the backyard and the back of the house. The patio design can vary according to the needs of the house owner, including artistic desires and the money he or she is able to put into the patio. There are two major types of patio design:

  • Colored concrete
  • Stamped concrete

Colored concrete is just what the term denotes. It is different colored pieces of concrete that laid together form a colored patio. They can be black or green or pink or yellow, but the colored concrete always gives a good look into artistic representation that the home owner may want.

Stamped concrete involves stamping a particular design onto the concrete, which can make it look like stone, brick, or other materials. The stamped concrete can enable a patio to look like a different kind of material, which can help in terms of the aesthetics if the home owner wants something different than a featureless slab of concrete.

There are many things that go around the patio: an inground pool, outdoor dining spaces, and a family leisure pool. There are also concrete companies and pool companies that can be called.

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