Just How Important Is Water to Our Health?

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We all know we need a lot of water daily to keep our bodies well hydrated and functioning properly, but there?s still a lot the average Joe doesn?t know about this wonderful resource. For example, the human body is composed of around 60% water, but in order to keep those levels up, good water filtration systems are imperative. Just what impurities need to be filtered out? Here is some information you should know.

Water Is Full of Impurities

Do you know of the chemical fluoride? You may have heard it at your dentist?s office or on your toothpaste container. It?s a salt based compound that fights cavities. The majority of tap water contains this chemical — something you might think is a good thing, however, too much can decrease bone strength immensely. If that wasn?t scary enough, old water lines are still made of lead, which can leach into the water supply and cause learning disabilities to almost half a million children each year. This can be avoided by using quality water filtration systems and water management systems that remove these impurities.

Enough Water Keeps Your Body Healthy

Good news for those suffering with acne — drinking enough water can help clear out your pores and keep your skin looking great. The proper amount of water also keeps your GI tract flowing smoothly and staves off constipation. As long as you?re using water treated by a good water treatment process, the good stuff will keep your body running smooth.

Adequate Hydration is Difficult to Achieve

Think about how much water you drink a day. Do you think it?s enough? On average, men need around 13 cups of water a day while women need 9 cups. Still think you?re drinking enough? If not, consider installing a home water treatment filter to encourage yourself to drink more. While about 20% of our fluids come from foods, that still isn?t enough. By the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost over 1% of its water! Don?t wait until you?re parched; keep a bottle at your side to remind yourself to keep hydrated.

Whether you have hard water or soft water, city water or well water, water filtration systems can help you and your family. By removing impurities that have been proven to cause physical and mental damage, you?re extending and adding quality to your life.

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