It Is Essential That Your Company Audit Its Shipping Costs

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When you are traveling the interstate do you ever wonder where all of those trucks are coming from, and where they are going? No matter what time of day or night, no matter what part of the country, and, in almost all weather conditions, the highways and interstates of America are often crowded with large over the road trucks.
While you are wondering where all those trucks are coming from and going to, and possibly even wondering what they carry, an entire industry is instead concerned about the costs of the trucking industry. In fact, knowing how to audit your freight bills can mean the success or failure to many companies, both large and small, throughout the country.
And if analyzing data resulting from the audit your freight bills produced isn’t challenging enough, wait until to you try to factor in the environmental impact of those thousands of miles that are travelled on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, as of 2011 the transportation industry in this country was blamed for generating 28% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. As a result, in addition to determining how frequently you should audit your freight bills, manufacturers and production companies across the country also have to work with a transportation industry that is facing an enormous challenge. As they attempt to find ways to make over the road transportation costs more competitive, they are also working on both short and long term goals to lower carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.
Fuel prices, an increasing number of green initiatives, and the constant challenge of finding qualified drivers makes the management of over the road trucking businesses both difficult and challenging. What once may have simply been a push to get drivers to keep accurate records of their time on the road tables and charts, has now become a national concern about what shipping industry can compete for the acknowledgement of making the smallest environmental footprint.
Because shipping customers are always trying to show a profit in spite of these growing challenges, it should come as no surprise that almost 80% of all shippers overpay for their shipping prices. Comparing and contrasting shipping costs can be an overwhelming process. As a result, a number of the most cost efficient companies contract out their shipping selection choices.
The American transportation industry is one of the largest in the world. Its varied sectors range from the smallest taxis to single axel trucks, as well as large 18 wheelers. This industry also includes airplanes, trains, ships, barges, and even warehousing and logistics services. Because of its size, it is no wonder that it is nearly impossible for individual companies, let alone individuals, to audit and analyze shipping charges. Instead, doesn’t it make sense to find a company who can provide you with both constant and current shipping comparison charts and help you in your efforts to work toward controlling transportation costs?

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