Is Your Business Relocating? Follow These Tips for Moving Office Furniture and Equipment Before You Leave

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Will your business soon undergo a commercial move? If you’re relocating your business to an other space, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of transporting furniture and supplies. While moving may sound like a difficult task, it can be easier with the right level of planning. From working well in advance by keeping employees in the loop to hiring a professional office moving service, you can make your relocation easy.

If you’re preparing for a move, here are some tips for moving office furniture, IT equipment, and more:

Have employees pack up personal items
In order to speed along the moving process, you can have your employees pitch in. Have them pack and label boxes with files, personal items, and other work-related materials. You may also have some employees pitch in with packing up files in filing cabinets or with moving data over to a newer system.

Use cloud computing and storage applications
For most businesses, office technology is the number one thing that employers and employees depend on. When you move, however, you’ll have to pack this equipment so it stays safe. This could result in several days of downtime even if you weren’t anticipating it. One way to keep productivity going is to use cloud applications for work and data storage. These internet-based programs can replace outdated software. Speaking of outdated equipment, a move is the perfect time to sell or donate the items you no longer need. This is one of the tips for moving office furniture that can be used to help you upgrade your new facility by getting rid of the old and

Hire a moving company
Perhaps one of the most important tips for moving office furniture is to leave it to the professionals. Office moving companies are able to take apart furniture and dismantle IT systems in a quick and easy manner — a process known as facility decommissioning. After you’ve arrived in your new building, a moving company can perform office furniture installations to have everything set up again.

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