Is There a Way to Hurricane Proof Your Roof? – How Old Is the Internet

ew roof. It is likely that you need a roofing product which can withstand the winds and rain that comes with hurricanes. This is a challenging job since not all materials are able to withstand the force that mother nature has. However, it is feasible it is possible to create a roofing system that is hurricane-proof. Everything depends on the severity of the hurricane. The storms with the highest intensity are most difficult to stop. This video will show you how you can make your roofing more durable. It is possible to keep it safe from storms.

When you get a new roof installed, make sure that you inquire with your roofer regarding hurricane-proofing your roof with acrylic polymer. The material can be sprayed on your roof. This substance adds protection to the roof, by allowing water to seep into the roofing. Additionally, it improves the structural strength and durability of the shingles. It joins the shingles after it has cured. The shingles you choose to use should be able to withstand temperatures of as high as 130 miles/hour. It’s an incredible increase in durability.


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