Internet Marketing is a Promising Field of Study

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It’s been a year since I’ve graduated college, and while I have loved my time since then, I have to be honest—I wish I did some things differently. And while it is fun to know an awful lot about Modernist Literature from the early 20th century, it is proving to be not very practical out here in the real world. Yes, I am one of those millennials who graduated with a degree in English, and now, cannot seem to find a way to put it to good use.

After looking endlessly for jobs, I can now say for sure that the smartest field to get into, without a doubt, is internet marketing. By combining technological skill, creative ambitions, and entrepreneurial spirit, internet marketing is a field where nearly everyone—graphic designers, copywriters, and business analysts can find their own niche.

If you land a job with any group involved in internet marketing, from an online web design company, a digital marketing company, or a SEO web design company, there are plenty of opportunities use your own skills to digitally enhance a client’s virtual presence, with substantial results for everyone involved.

Any website needs to function at an optimal level in order to direct customers to help them find their business. Once the customer arrives at a business’s digital doorstep, a sleek, consistent, easy-to-use and mobile-ready site is what earns their consumership. With nearly half of all Americans using a smart phone, a website that does not display properly on a mobile device is deemed useless by more than 33% of people who might end up there.

Top web design companies are the ones who understand the importance of responsive website design and effective internet marketing. It is nearly a $6.5 billion a year industry! A responsive web design company can improve SEO and create a website that excels within the field of internet marketing. Reference links:

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