Increase Your Store’s Neighborhood Presence With Upgraded Signage

Many consumers will conduct product research on their smartphones or other Internet-connected devices. Even though this may be the case, 77% of these shoppers will choose to visit a brick-and-mortar store to do their actual shopping. Furthermore, they’re also willing to pay more for the items they want or need when they have a positive experience. A 2011 report found that this was true for 86% of the consumers that participated.

How Good Front Signage Can Make an Impact

One of the first items that many shoppers will see before they enter a store is its sign. When these signs are attractive and informative, this can make a positive impact on the shopping experience. In addition to contemporary glass signs and signage, a glass door sign holder can also make a difference. One of the reasons for this is that shoppers will tend to judge a store’s interior contents by its exterior appearance.

How to Improve Full-Priced Merchandise Sales

Once they’re in a store, shoppers will make 82% of their purchase decisions. It’s interesting to note that when retail displays of full-priced merchandise have acrylic pedestal display stands or another type of sign, that they tend to sell better than if they didn’t. Recent data indicates that display racks or bins with signage performed 18% better. Furthermore, a number of studies were conducted on this matter. One of these, which was conducted by Brigham Young University, demonstrated that when merchandise had signage, it outsold merchandise that didn’t have a sign by 20%.

How to Encourage Impulse Purchases

Creative retail display ideas can guide shoppers to make impulse purchases. Given that consumers come into daily contact with an average of 3,000 ads and promotional messages, they may be open to considering new brands. It just takes three to seven seconds, for example, for someone to decide to stay with their usual brand or purchase a competitor’s.

Even though they may have a detailed shopping list, it’s interesting to note that shoppers will make about six to ten impulse purchases. A substantial percentage of these unplanned purchases are made due to noticing a creative store display or two. A 2014 Mass Merchant Study, for instance, found that store displays accounted for 16% of these impulse buys.

Learn More About Revitalizing Your Store Signage

When you contact a representative, you’ll be able to learn more about all the different types of signage available. First of all, you may want to replace your existing front door sign with a glass door sign holder. In addition to a glass door sign holder, you may also want to consider free-standing signs, mounted brochure holders, and other helpful signs to guide your customers through your store. Once you upgrade your store’s exterior and interior signage, there’s an excellent chance that your customers will notice and appreciate it.

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