HR Consultng Firms View Retention as an Extension of the Recruitment Process

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The workplace is changing rapidly, especially in the world of tech firms. New technology and a new generation are bringing different issues to the forefront, when it comes to staffing recruitment and retention. The new human resources concerns include diversity and inclusion and managing millennials, while old issues like the war for talent, and leadership learning and development remain significant. In this new landscape, a strategic human resources firm can help put your company on a firm footing with solid talent acquisition. HR consulting provides a range of services that pay attention to both recruitment and retention issues.

Why do they leave?
Employee retention is a continuing problem, with as many as 57% of organizations dealing with high employee turnover. More than one out of five or 22% of new hires quit their new jobs within the first month and half. This could be due to poor performance, temperament and above all because there is a mismatch between skills and job requirements.
There is a cost to businesses for high turnover, and it can be as much as 30% to 150% of the departing employee?s salary. The majority of workers say that they are always open to other job offers, even if they aren’t actively looking for another job. An HR consulting firm that understands retention as an extension of the recruitment process can help your business with talent acquisition management services.

What can HR consulting do for your company?
An HR consulting and talent acquisition management service can place senior HR executives and advise them on their careers. They recognize that there’s more to talent acquisition than recruitment, and provide onboarding consulting, executive coaching and support, talent retention, leadership development, and even succession planning.
Post-recruitment, a structured on-boarding program is most likely to help in talent retention. Employees who go through a structured onboarding program are 58% more likely to remain with the company for three years and beyond.

HR consulting for start ups and beyond
HR consulting can help start ups from day one, to build a team and create scalability. By taking care of organization and restructuring, they free the business to focus on core tasks like building marketshare and product.
HR consulting services include the following and more:

  • HR executive search
  • Strategic HR consulting
  • Talent acquisition
  • Learning and career coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Diversity and inclusion

Employee satisfaction is the key to productivity
Ultimately it’s true that to be successful, a business needs employees who are happy with their jobs. Employee satisfaction can be measured in many different ways. Good benefits efficiently administered are a primary factor, but intangibles matter too. Among companies that introduced worker recognition programs, 88% reported a rise in worker happiness.
Diversity too contributes to overall productivity. Studied by McKinsey?s research show that ethnically-diverse companies perform better than their peers by 35% and gender-diverse companies by 15%.

HR consulting services provide solid talent acquisition and retention services which can help put your business organization on a firm footing and boost productivity.

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