How You Can Get Into the Cleaning Business

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Having a boss is the pits. One way that lots of people are getting around that? Many are starting their own cleaning companies. The cleaning business doesn’t require that you have a store front or much in the way of supplies. This makes it an easy field to get in to. So, what do you need to know about starting up your own one-person-cleaning-business?
Etch out a corner of the market
When many people think about a cleaning business, they think about residential cleaning. However, there are far more industries that need the help of a dedicated, trustworthy cleaning person. For example, auto dealership cleaning can be lucrative or office cleaning services are very important. Once you have one client from a specialized market, try to grow through referrals. If you work very hard and earn the trust of your first client, you might be doing all the auto dealership cleaning in your area before you know it.
Be a Meticulous Cleaner
Half of those who responded to a Staples survey said that coworkers leave dirty dishes in the kitchen. That means that 50 percent were paying close attention to the habits of people around them, even those whose responsibility is not to clean. If you are the dedicated cleaning person, do it with incredible attention to detail. After all, a dirty desk can result in 400 times the filth that a dirty sink can.
Protect Yourself
There are 17,000 chemicals on the market for home and office cleaning, but only 30% have been tested for safety. Be sure that you read the labels of all products you purchase as they could cause damage to your skin, lungs or worst. When in doubt, purchase green cleaning supplies as they are natural and generally less harsh on skin and body.

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