How Workforce Management Systems Are Providing Jobs

Contingent workforce management solutions

The tough economic state of the job market right now has made the hiring of employees more complicated than ever before. While it would seem that since there are more people who need jobs, filling positions would be easier, but this may not always be the case. In fact, the overwhelming number of applicants that most job openings receive can make recruitment substantially more difficult.

On average, it is taking employers in the United States about 25 working days to fill vacant positions. That amounts to over a month of time needed just to fill one position. Much of this comes from the need to search through countless resumes, conduct interviews, and eventually make a final decision. Overall, between the time spent on recruitment and away from other operations, companies are now spending approximately $3,500 screening each potential candidate.

Because of this, there has been a surge in recent years of people working freelance or contracting jobs. This allows employers to minimize the screening process by avoiding some of the documents and processes required in hiring full-time employees. In order to make the process even easier, some organizations may be turning to workforce management systems to coordinate these workers.

A new report by the United States Government Accountability Office revealed that an estimated 40.4% of the American workforce is now comprised of contingent workers. These positions are categorized as what would not be considered as traditionally secure jobs. Total workforce management systems are likely coordinating and sending these workers to different locations where they are needed.

By taking on the brunt of the procurement process, contingent workforce management systems ensure that the freelance or contract workers are reliable and allows the employer to focus more on their own business operations. The employers are happy to get workers, and the workers are more than happy to get paid.

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