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One of four regions from central Italy: Sicily (Venetia), Roma and Tuscany.

One thing is common to all these sub-cuisines: All home-cooked meals are served with bread, olive or balsamico. You can leave bread in the dining room with the meals. It’s meant to be eaten throughout the dinner experience.

Aperitivos , also known as antipasti, are typically the first food item served at dinner time. Aperitivo is Italian for “aperitif” that is an appetizer consisting of just only one ingredient from the local area, such as wine, olives or cheese. An antipasto, however, on the contrary, is a mixture of these components in a simple dish or a big plate.

Moving on towards the primary course, once having finished your antipasti. It’s a pasta made at home food that is often served with soup, seafood as well as sauces and broth. Meat is not an element of the dish that is considered to be prime.

The time has come for the secondi – the meat and seafood dish. Simple recipes of beef, game, and lamb is served throughout the year in authentic Italian restaurant.

Dinners are often full at this time, but no one is full for the desserts or for dolce. Some of the regional favourites are creamy tiramisu as well as pannacotta with cream along with chilled gelato , and jelly-filled Zeppole.

Did you eat enough? Drink espresso or macchiato with dolce for better digestion. tnkdxjfcwq.

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