How to Design Really Great Food Packaging Labels

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Although kids are taught not to judge books by their covers, the fact of the matter is that a product’s commercial labeling needs to be attractive. If it’s not, it won’t catch anyone’s eyes, and consequently won’t sell.

This is particularly true when it comes to food packaging labels. As good as something may taste, people often eat with their eyes first. That’s why plating is so important in the world of gourmet. By creating attractive food product labels, brands can sell more product, and make more people happy.

Here are a few tips to help you design great looking commercial labels.

Product Photos. – Unless you’re package is see-through, you’re going to want to use some gorgeous product photos to showcase the good to consumers. And even if the carton or package is see-through, you should still include some attractive artwork on your food product labels. Whether it’s a highly stylized typography, detailed graphic design, or a shot of the actual product, you definitely need to include some images on your food product labels.

Colors. – Flat, boring colors aren’t going to catch anyone’s eye, are they? So why not use something bright, something invigorating that stands out. You should also take into consideration how colors make people feel. Red is invigorating, and is typically used with spicy foods, while blue is more tranquil, and pairs well with comfort foods.

Choose the Right Material For Your Commercial Labels. – Last but far from least, you should consider using a high end material for your labels. It’s just another way to get people’s attention, and show off your product. Whether it be a glossy, matte, or even vintage finish, this small detail will really make people think your product is great.

If you have any questions about designing awesome food packaging labels — be it about graphic designs, colors, or even the material — feel free to share in the comments .

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