How to Design Business and Commercial Signs Like a Pro

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In today’s modern, tech-centered era, it makes sense for businesses to focus their efforts on digital marketing. Not only this is encouraged, but in many ways its absolutely necessary. In order to attract and retain customers, businesses have to go where the people are, and the majority of people are online.

As such, it can be easy to forget about the importance of business or commercial signs, but customs signs are still important and relevant in today’s digital era. This is especially true for brick-and-mortar businesses that have both a physical and online presence, as custom signs can help to support their digital marketing efforts.

Working with a professional graphic designer or sign company is an excellent way for businesses to create a polished, eye-catching commercial signs. But for small businesses that don’t have a lot of financial wiggle room, the expense of working with a professional designer or sign companies can be a bit too much.

But all hope is not lost! It’s entirely possible to create professional-looking commercial signs for less by following a few simple design guidelines. Here’s how:

Focus on color

Color is a strong form of visual communication whose voice is often sends a much stronger message than text. Color can help to convey and support a brand’s identity, and it serves as a powerful motivator for customers. Just think of the most iconic American brands a number of classic colors are sure to come to mind. In fact, most brands are readily identified by color! When creating commercial signs, it’s important to consider the significance of color, so it may be time to do a bit of homework on color theory. It’s also wise to avoid “trendy” colors, as these can quickly go out of style and become an eyesore.

Seeing is believing and buying

Although this may seem like a given fact, it’s important to remember that readable text is a must for commercial signs. Contrast, color, and typeface are critical to create a sign with a high degree of readability. Commercial signage should not only attract the customers’ attention, but they should also be able to quickly and easy understand its content. The contrast created by carefully combining text, graphics, and color can increase readability.

Just the right size

In addition to color and contrast, text size is also very important. Text that is too small won’t be visible and may even turn customers away. Text that is too big may seem “aggressive” or “loud” and turn customers off! Text should be appropriately sized to meet the requirements of effective readability and visibility while remaining on brand. Keep in mind that all typefaces aren’t created equal, and some are easier to read than others, especially at larger sizes.

Working with a design pro is always a good idea when it comes to creating commercial signs, however it’s not always possible or necessary. On the other hand, following simple design guidelines is an affordable alternative that can yield professional results!

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