How to Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood – Confluent Kitchen

Are you cooking a lot under your kitchen fan? With time, the exhaust hood may become blocked with fat. The fan pulls the heavy smoke that is laden with grease and into the exhaust hood. The particles of grease then become stuck within a filter. Filters can yellow and blocked by grease if it isn’t maintained on a regular basis. You can have the hood clean by professionals who clean kitchens. However, in this short video it will be shown how you can clean your kitchen exhaust hood by yourself.

You can choose from a myriad of ways to clear the filter. Use dish soap to dissolve the dirt. An enzyme cleaner or degreaser might be employed. OxiClean was the product used in this video. Fill a large bowl with boiling water. Then, add a few spoonfuls OxiClean in the water to make it hot. Once you’ve made this mixture then place the filter inside the bucket for 10-30 minutes. The filter will have enough chance to dissolve the fat. It is also possible to take a brush and scrub off the rest after the 10-30 minutes are over. You should be able to remove it now.


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