How Shipping Containers Got Modern

Steel shipping containers

Although travel has become faster for the average person in the past century, it may surprise you that the vast majority of the world’s cargo still moves by a mode of transportation that has been around for centuries. 95% of the world’s cargo still moves be ship.

It makes sense then that companies would choose the most high volume ships to move their cargo–ones with the largest containers that can move the highest volume of product across oceans and seas to their destinations. The statistics on those shipping containers may also surprise you:

  • Some of the world’s largest shipping containers are nearly the length of an Olympic running track–1,300 feet.
  • They can have a maximum width of 180 feet.
  • There are currently more than 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally.
  • More than 5 million of those containers are active at any moment.
  • In total, they make over 200 million trips per year.

While it is obvious what the draw of shipping containers used to be (size and stability), new storage containers for sale have surprising benefits beyond the traditional shipping container. Some companies offer custom storage container modifications. These include the addition of doors, windows and skylight, climate control, interior modifications, locking mechanisms, shelving, container painting, and more.

Climate controlled containers have the benefit of controlling temperature, humidity, and other factors that enable the transport of goods that are influenced heavily by those aspects. One particular good that is affected by climate and that is moved all over the world is food.

A great deal of food is transported all over the world, from bananas and other fruit for countries that are out of season. Coffee beans as well are distributed to local coffee companies from countries in continents from South America to Africa. Climate controlled containers enable the transfer of those goods by eliminating some of the factors that can affect the end product when traveling over time.

One addition to containers in recent years has been the portable office containers or mobile office containers. The demand for these stems from the recent culture in workplaces to limit the working space of a company’s employees. Studies of IT and accounting workers by researchers at the University of California found that employees switched focus from one project to another quickly and were interrupted often.

In fact, the average individual workstation has shrunk from 80 square feet in 1992 to 39 square feet this year, according to one study analyzing the projects of a major design and workspace construction firm called Jacobs.

If you’re looking for new storage containers for sale, whether it’s for your company to transport goods across the world or effectively manage the problem of dwindling work space in your company, there are many companies with websites offering new storage containers for sale. A quick search using terms such as Shipping Containers for Sale NY or Shipping Containers for Sale NJ will get you results to base your search off of.

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