How Proper Aluminum Dust Collection Can Save Your Employees and Your Business

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Because the industrial age experienced such a radical expansion due to the need for new technologies, safety precautions were often overlooked in favor of quick and cost-effective processes. Unfortunately many conditions that did prove harmful to employees were not addressed until forced to after serious work related injuries or even fatalities. New technologies involving precautionary measures have become regulation in many fields such as downdraft tables meant to help clear the air through mechanisms like aluminum dust collection. Here are few reasons to consider using this tool to protect employees:

  • Air Ventilation
  • One of the most common industrial dangers to health has been found to involve poor ventilation of work areas. Very often small particles from the sanding or grinding of materials that enter the air can easily be inhaled, leading to conditions such as silicosis. Hundreds of work-related deaths each year are a result of silicosis, with another couple hundred experiencing disabilities that leave them and their families with no source of income. Because the early stages of silicosis have been shown to occur in just weeks or months of exposure, precautions to ensure proper air ventilation should be taken as soon as possible.

  • Welding and Cutting
  • While silicosis can cause illness and death, the processes that create the pollution of the air can be hazardous in and of themselves. Often involving large machines for welding, cutting or brazing, 500,000 workers each day are at risk of physical injuries across an array of different industries. Without a good operation for filtration of particles, such as a granite or aluminum dust collection system, heavy coughing or asphyxiation can become an even bigger threat when mixed with industrial size machinery capable of causing serious physical injury.

  • Combustion
  • When all of the particles that fill a workplace begin to build up into deposits, they can start to radiate a large amount of heat that runs the risk of combustion. The death of 119 workers and injuries of another 718, have been the result of combustible dust incidents that also caused damage to the industrial facilities just from 1980 to 2005. Safety regulations were taken more seriously afterwards however not enough to ensure complete protection. Taking initiative to protect employees at all costs, even when not required by law, should be a practice of all companies.

It may be easy and cheap to only follow those regulations which are necessary to function but the use of industrial downdraft tables meant for the separating of metal particles such as aluminum dust collection, can mean the difference between life and death for employees as well as the the existence of a company. These technologies are not difficult to find and should be taken seriously. Go the extra mile and spend money to improve safety precautions. Employees and their families will greatly appreciate it.

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