How Plastic is Manufactured – Andre Blog

It is made and refined.

Petroleum is the main ingredient that creates plastic. The crude oil is taken from the ground using a pump. Following the extraction of crude oil, the oil moves to the refinery in which chemical compounds are modified to meet different needs. A portion of the oil gets changed into gasoline, while others are transformed in asphalt and the rest to naphtha.

The Naphtha goes into a cracking facility for further refinement. The heating and breaking down of the ethylene take place. It is the principal component used by plastic manufacturers.

The ethylene is then compressed and is then cooled before being sent to a reaction chamber. Inside the chamber, the intiatives are used and the polymerization process takes place. This turns the ethylene into polyethylene. Polyethylene forms into strings, then into pellets that are used in the production of plastics.

The pellets are then melted, and transformed into plastic items. For more information on the production of plastic, check out the video linked above.


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