How Much Does Shipping Cost Your Company?

Shopping for the best freight rate

Transportation is one of the largest industries in the world. Its includes everything from taxis and trucks, airplanes and barges, as well as trains, courier services, and ships. The transportation industry also includes successful use use of warehouse space and logistics services. Companies who spend a large portion of their budget on shipping and the transportation industry should seek partners who provide technology to compare the cost of various shipping options. When you are examining your freight bill audit and payment methods you should be able to see that you are making the best use of your shipping dollar. Unfortunately, nearly 80% of shippers overpay because they do not compare service levels and available transit times.

Many factors can help you make wise shipping decisions, but fuel prices and looking for companies that employ green initiatives are an important part of any business that is involved in transportation. Nations around the globe are working to lower their transportation carbon footprint. A close examination of freight bill audit and payment methods can not only save your company money, but help the environment as well. Although many companies are working toward being more energy efficient, one of the biggest challenges facing the global transportation sector remains an effort to focus on lowering carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency. The U.S. transportation sector, as of 2011, created an estimated 28% of all carbon dioxide emissions. All nations face the daunting task of maintaining airports, seaports, highways and railroads so they can efficiently handle commerce and passenger traffic. When the amount of government funds available for roadway development is lacking, achieving this goals while attempting to be careful of environmental impact at the same time, is especially challenging. The most successful sects of the transportation sector, however, will face the challenge and offer the world efficient and affordable options.

Transportation is a vital service to every sector of the economy as it accounts for 6% of all economic activity, so it is important that your company and its partners work toward efficiency. Beginning the process to audit a paid freight bill and examine all of the aspects that could lead to greater efficiencies is just the first step in making your transportation company a leader in the industry. Companies who rely on transportation know that their customers spend time shopping for the best freight rate, it is important that you are the company providing it.

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