How Long Has It Been Since You Updated Your Company’s Exterior Sign?

Electric signs are the guides that many people need to get where they are going. From scrolling marquee signs in front of a school to electronic signs for businesses, there are many times when a sign offers the final cue that you need to find your destination. In fact, as many as 35% of people indicate that they would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. Even with the step by step directions that are provided by in car guidance systems, for instance, it will always be important for businesses to have a sign so that customers can find the actual location.

The fact of the matter is 85% of a business’s customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location, and many of these customers are reacting to electronic signs that are on a building and not necessarily a digital or print ad.

Outdoor Signs Often Serve as Landmarks for Locals and Visitors

We often look at our phones for directions to the places that we want to go. We rely on technology, in fact, for many of the activities that we do we rely on the technology offered by our phone to help us start. In the end, however, every building needs a sign to make sure that customers find what they are looking for. Consider some of these facts and figures about the sign industry and the impact that it has on the success of a company:

  • 58% of people who responded to a poll indicated that they learned about a restaurant they later visited from a billboard they saw while in their car.
  • 71% of people indicate that they often look at the messages on roadside billboards, both digital and traditional.
  • 17% of Best Buy’s walk in customers indicated that they did so because of its sign.
  • 68% of poll respondents indicate that they frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while they are in the car.
  • The value of having a sign on site is the same as 24 full page newspaper advertisements each year.
  • 26% of poll respondents noted a phone number on an outdoor website, while 28% indicated that they notes a website address that was written on an outdoor billboard.

It is always a challenge to compete with other businesses that offer the same products and services, but you will never be successful if you do not have the right outdoor sign on your building.

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