How Grinding Machines Make Industrial Lenscutting Easier

Lapping machine

A number of businesses such as jewelers, lens makers, and precious gem merchants rely on fine cuts and measurements to inscribe detail into their pieces. Lapping is a process where grinding machines rub two surfaces together with an abrasive between them. Although hand lapping is still sometimes used, new edge grinding machines are taking precision to new levels as lens makers can produce surfaces that are flatter than 30 nanometers or 1/20th the wavelength of light from helium laser light sources. Those businesses that invest in grinding machines will find precision, safety, and speed to be key virtues behind the process.

Diamond Lapping

Although conventional abrasives for aluminum wafers are typically used by a variety of single side lapping machines, diamond lapping is the most appropriate for ceramic machining or for finishing projects that require an edge-to-edge flatness. The full benefit of diamond on ceramic is ideally achieved using a high down-pressure force above 5 PSI or higher; this also requires a robust drive system that can tolerate the increased down-pressure and a variable speed drive with high top-end RPM capabilities. An added benefit of diamond lapping is the ease it has on polishing machines, diamond eliminated the need for hand-polishing and reduced the cycle time by 30 minutes, thus saving $14.87 per hour in costs while reducing waste.

Buying Grinding Machines

Grinding machines are available for a number of commercial and personal applications, with machines of all sizes available up to a 72″ diameter plate configuration. Diamond and other abrasive materials are available for different effects. With simple-to-operate manual control double side fine grinding machines, operators can process parts as thin as .002″ or diameters of up to 20″. For all of your industrial precision needs, a diamond grinding machine is one of the most accurate, clean machines your business could use.

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