How Do High Gloss Labels Help Your Business?

Marketers, business owners and managers understand the importance of labels for businesses as well as consumers. For businesses, labels are a form of marketing and communicating information to customers. In many industries, such as food, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, it is mandatory for labels to carry information about products. Such information can also help customers to make the best choices. Digital printing with high gloss inkjet labels helps to meet all of these requirements, and then some.

Why does your business need labels?
Labels are essential to branding and marketing, and a bright, eye-catching label with a distinctive logo will always help your product to stand out from the crowd. Labels also carry essential information that you want to share with your customers, whether it’s the ingredients or the source of the products. In many industries, it is mandatory to disclose product and safety information on the packaging.
With new digital label printers and high gloss inkjet labels, you can print your own labels for your products, instead of outsourcing them. This gives you much more control and flexibility. These tools allow you to print custom high gloss labels rapidly and in any quantity you need. With digital printing, modifying text and images on the labels is an easy matter, so you no longer have drawers full of obsolete labels. You can print small or large batches to meet current needs.

How do labels help customers?
While an attractive logo and bright colors may be the first reason why customers reach for a product, it’s the message on the label that helps them decide whether or not to make a purchase. That’s where they can find the information that is of the most interest to them. For example, the large majority, or 72% of all shoppers look at the nutritional information on labels before choosing an item.
The information given on custom labels can help customers make healthy choices. A study of customers’ nutritional choices by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University found that when food labels were used, there was a 13% decline in unhealthy food choices.

Using digital label printers for your business
Using high gloss inkjet labels for your business can help you communicate better with your customers. There are several different types of digital printing technologies, depending on your needs. Direct thermal printing is typically used for black and white labels, and for colors, water based inkjet technology is used. Inkjet printers can use dye-based or pigment based inks.
Dye-based pigments are used for vibrant colors on glossy labels, and pigment-based colors are used for a matte finish. Laser printing is used to produce high quality text and images. With so many options, it’s easy to find the one that’s best suited to your needs.

High gloss inkjet labels help your products stand out on retail shelves, and to provide the information that customers are looking for. Printing your own labels has many advantages over outsourcing them, giving you control over the design and printing process.

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