How Cleaner Carpets Can Boost Office Productivity

Professional carpet cleaning

Carpeting serves many different purposes in homes and offices. It keeps the place warmer, gives a softer and more welcoming appearance, and acts as soundproofing, among other things. One drawback of carpeted floors is that without regular cleaning they can become a home for dust and microbes, some of which can actually be harmful to health. Professional cleaning services that can deep clean carpets can help improve the health and productivity of office workers, and the quality of life at home for families.

Office cleaning can boost productivity
A clean office is a productive office. This may surprise office managers, but researchers have found that a dirty office can actually have an impact on the amount of work that gets done. Exposure to dust has a negative impact on workers’ cognitive skills, learning them by 2 to 6%. Carpets are where dust mites make their home, and a simple solution is to have a regular schedule of professional carpet cleaning.
And then there are the germs. A cleaner office has lower rates of absenteeism, and regular cleaning by professional cleaning services can actually reduce absenteeism dramatically, by 46%. A cleaner office is also better for your workers’ health. It can reduce their probability of catching the common cold and influenza by as much as 80%.

Cleaner carpets mean a cleaner home
Having a professional cleaning service do regular residential home cleaning can take care of many of the problems that homeowners can’t tackle on their own. For instance, it’s very rarely that homeowners get a chance to deep clean their carpets every six to 12 months, as recommended by the EPA.
A vast majority, or 84%, of Americans believe that a home is not clean until the carpets are clean, and they’re right. Just one ounce of carpet dust can be home to 2,000 dust mites. You definitely don’t want those critters in your home. Getting in the home carpet cleaners on a regular basis will ensure that you and your family are not exposed to such hazards.

The advantages of commercial cleaning services
For homes and families, professional cleaning services can help to keep the household running smoothly. Especially for families with kids, it’s important that the whole house gets a deep cleaning, including professional carpet cleaning, on a regular basis. A residential cleaning service can free up 730 hours or 30 days a year for the family by taking over all the onerous cleaning tasks.
For offices, professional cleaning services can help to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. In homes and offices, carpets should be professionally cleaned every year or every year and a half. It’s difficult for homeowners and regular office staff to follow this schedule. Regular carpet cleaning by professional cleaning services can go a long way towards improving the health of families and office workers.

Carpets serve many functions in homes and offices, keeping them warmer, quieter and more comfortable. Regular professional cleaning services can help maintain in their best condition for years.

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