How Can Plastic Packaging Help Brand Your Product?

Zippered pouches

You may only have one chance to get your potential customer’s attention. What then is your plan for capturing the customers who will be at the next big trade show? Are you planning to have custom design clear packaging sleeves made so that you can use them for disposable water bottles? Will these clear packaging sleeves simply repeat your standard company logo, or will they focus on the the theme of this year’s trade show? Whatever choice you make, realize that this choice is important because it may be the first, and only, chance you get to grab your future customer’s attention.
The clear packaging sleeves industry is full of options, and it is important that you work with designers who will create marketing products that will brand your company and create a unique and fresh image to the public. Stretchable labels, for example, fit so tightly on water bottles, soda bottles, hand lotion bottles and lip balm tubes that it almost looks like the product has been created just for your company. If, however, your clear packaging sleeves have designs that too closely resemble the stretch sleeves for another product, you lose a major part of the effect.
In order to create a design that is unique to your business or product it is important that your marketing staff work personally with the plastic sleeve company’s top designers. If all they are going to do is offer you the same design they have used in the past, for example, why bother with the expense? The whole idea of the flexible packaging industry is to provide its customers with unique and attractive designs. If you are purchasing zippered pouches for a summer event, for instance, it really does not make sense to use the holiday colors of red and white, or the fall colors of orange and black. Instead, imitate the colors of your other company marketing materials or follow the lead of the trade show itself to look for colors and phrasing that match the bigger event.
Because the flexible packaging industry can offer production deadlines that are agile enough to consistently offer short lead times, it is expected to grow 26% between the years 2012 and 2018. Moving from an industry that generated $74 million four years ago, to an industry that is expected to reach $100 million in the next two years, this plastic packaging field has to offer details like the ability to provide small digital jobs, as well large 10-color HD flexographic jobs.
By offering a product like flexible packages, the plastics industry is expected to use its 1 million workers and its $375 billion contribution to the economy to not only provide personalized marketing products, but also help companies reduce their shipping costs. For example, did you know that it only requires just 1.5 pounds of flexible plastic to deliver nearly 10 gallons of liquid? Glass packaging of the same 10 gallons of liquid would weigh as much as 25 pounds.
While the world is debating the use of plastics, the plastic industry itself is creating 100% recyclable products that are saving carbon emissions because these products weigh so much less to ship than aluminum and glass.

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