How a Mobile Cafe Franchise Can Help You Start Your Own Business

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Australians are famous for having high standards for their coffee. For this reason, it may come as a surprise that the Bronze espresso category at the Australian International Coffee Awards didn’t go to a prestigious cafe or coffee business. Instead, the prize went to Cafe2U, a mobile cafe franchise with purveyors traveling around the country. This has at least two implications for the Australian coffee industry: firstly, it offers proof that you don’t have to waste time and money to find good coffee. Secondly, if you are looking for successful business ideas that would allow you to act as your own boss or are interested in opening a franchise, the mobile cafe business might be perfect for you. Have you considered taking advantage of the mobile coffee franchise opportunities in your area?

It is no surprise that the coffee industry is a thriving business: according to Business Insider, an estimated 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year around the world, and coffee exportation alone is a $20 billion global industry. In Australia, the coffee business is worth around $5 billion in revenue and employs as many as 84,867 people. However, statistics reveal that there is still room for expansion: coffee shops have a 7% growth rate worldwide, making cafes one of the fastest growing and most successful business ideas in the modern market.

However, even with the coffee industry itself, mobile coffee franchise opportunities are an extremely beneficial option for many. While there are always risks involved with starting a new business, joining a coffee franchise gives fledgling entrepreneurs access to an existing brand image and reputation, as well as advice on management and more. And because mobile coffee franchises often utilize coffee vans, franchisees can travel to meet demand at a variety of locations, from sport events to city streets. Additionally, because coffee vans are not required to meet the demands of a traditional, 9 to 5 coffee shops, it is extremely easy for franchisees to set their own schedules, balance their responsibilities, and get the most out of their small business. The benefits are clear, so why wait? Contact a mobile coffee van business near you to discuss mobile coffee franchise opportunities today!

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