How A Good Sign Can Make Or Break A Modern Business

Led display sign

What’s the first thing a customer sees when they take note of your business? You guessed it — it’s your business sign. While a steady reputation is certainly one of the effective tools in your arsenal, most won’t even get to that point without seeing you put your best foot forward. Commercial business signs are a booming field for their incredible variety for nearly every industry under the sun. Are you trying to get more eyes on your independent fashion boutique? How about encouraging more people to visit your repair shop? Whatever your goal may be, LED signs and electric business signs are a first step you can’t afford to miss.

Catch Someone’s Eye

Did you know 35% of people wouldn’t have even noticed a business in the first place if not for their marquee signs? Now that’s an important step you don’t want to miss. Another survey saw 85% of business customers either living or working within a five-mile radius of its location. Last, but not least, a Best Buy survey saw 17% of walk-in customers visiting because of their sign alone.

Present Yourself Wisely

Nobody wants to feel they’re putting their hard-earned money at risk when seeking out products or services. With good GSA signs on your side you can nip self-doubt in the bud and cultivate more confident customers with ease. Nearly 70% of poll respondents either frequently or sometimes make shopping decisions while in their car, with another 58% of respondents saying they learned about a restaurant from a billboard.

Improve Your Sales

A lot of factors go into strong sales. Regular content creation, a strong business reputation, the current flow of a demanding market, you name it. Studies have shown that either adding or changing a sign will directly improve sales revenue — for example, replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign has been known to increase revenue by nearly 8%.

Always Stay Varied

As the saying goes — don’t put all your eggs in one basket! One of the best qualities of marketing is just how diverse your options are. From GSA signs to animated digital advertisements to newspaper clippings, you’re at your best when you’re accessing every resource at your disposal. The year 2019 is projected to be one of the best for the LED lighting market, achieving a 53% globally and becoming one of the most sought after options.

Advertise Your Brand

When it comes down to it, any effort is better than no effort at all. A single well-placed sign can turn the tide for your small or large business and help people feel more confident about what you’re providing. Of course, a few different signs will cover all your bases and ensure you’re not lost in the crowd. GSA signs are flashy and noticeable, perfect if you want to add a little spark to your brand, while animated signs can truly make a difference in how memorable your business is to the average eye. When it comes to success, everyone is always looking for the right sign.

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