Homes Without Security Systems Are 300% More Likely To Be Robbed Why You Should Install An Alarm

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Security is an issue that affects people of all backgrounds, budgets and lifestyles. People double-check their locks before going to work, install security systems to keep their family safe and have emergency contacts on their phone in case something goes wrong. How do you maintain your day-to-day security? With theft and vandalism on the rise, particularly in more metropolitan areas, different types of security systems have started to see more implementation than ever before. The benefits of having a security system include deterring potential burglars, giving you peace of mind and providing a back-up plan should a fateful day go sour. Let’s take a look at what security systems on the West coast can do for you.

Did You Know?

Security is nothing to joke about. There are nearly 18 million home security systems seeing constant use throughout the United States as we speak, with millions more well on the way as theft, vandalism and even violent attacks gain widespread awareness. A security system can take on many forms and be installed all over a home or business, though some locations see more popularity than others. Which one will work for you depends on a few different factors, all of which will be explored below.

Common Misconceptions About Burglary

Don’t believe what you see in movies. There are many common misconceptions about burglary that keep people from using the different types of security systems at their disposal. That is, if they’re not outright misusing the technology in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, a notable 30% of burglaries will occur through an unlocked door. This is due to a perceived lack of suspicion compared to entry through a window or roof. The second most common misconception is the time of day. The most common time for theft to take place is not at night, but between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The Difference Between Security And A Lack Thereof

Security companies work night and day to provide the very best in day-to-day preventative security measures across Portland, Seattle and various West coast cities. When it comes to whether or not you’re safer with a security system in place, consider the following statistics. Current data suggests that homes and businesses that don’t have active security measures in place are nearly three times more likely to be targeted by burglars than those that do. The average time a burglar will spend in a residence is eight to 12 minutes, with nearly 70% of all burglaries occurring in homes, apartments and condos.

Practicing Safe Security Habits

Before you consider the different types of security systems that can benefit you, try implementing safe habits in your day-to-day life to discourage your likelihood of being the next victim of a burglary. If you need to leave your home for a few days and want to leave a key under the mat for a friend to check on plants or animals, try putting it multiple feet away in a less obvious location. The mat, nearby bushes and mailboxes are commonly checked by would-be burglars, so make their job more difficult. Try to keep your phone and keys organized in your bag, to boot, so you don’t get your valuables lost in a hasty rush out the door.

Installing A Security System

Theft is on the rise. Why not prepare for it? Homes without alarm systems in place have a stunning 300% higher chance of being broken into, with some theft operations lifting thousands of dollars in valuables. Not only can a security system deter potential burglars (particularly if they’re put in obvious locations that can be seen immediately), insurance companies can even offer you discounts. Locksmith services can provide superior locks for your windows and doors, while security professionals can recommend the best alarms or cameras. Consider creating a safer year for you and your family by investing in different types of security systems and good habits.

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