High Performance Butterfly Valves and The Ability to Manage The Hottest Fluids

Butterfly valves isolate or regulate the flow of liquids. Within the valve, there is a disk that rotates to serve as the closing mechanism. After butterfly valves have been around for almost a century, their use has improved over time. These have become double and triple offset butterfly valves and other high performance butterfly valves. Either way, it is important that the proper level of a butterfly valve is used in regard to the liquid flow that will be managed in any system.

The Many Valves Available

There may be a challenge to choosing the right valve, especially in the three main ways that a disc can be aligned in a valve including zero offset, double offset, and triple offset. In order for these valves to properly regulate fluid flow, it is important for the internal disks to be aligned. Quite often the butterfly valve is expected to manage the flow of high-temperature gases and oils, along with very hot liquids. Luckily, high performance butterfly valves are able to handle temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even More to Find in High Performance Butterfly Valves

Many additional factors come in the evaluation of the performance level of different butterfly valves. While centric, rubber seated butterfly valves are limited to about 200psig and 400 degrees, those numbers triple when dealing with high performance butterfly valves. With higher levels of performance, there is also extended valve life to be seen in those with higher offset levels.

With all of this, there is much to be seen from the different offset levels of the butterfly valve. It may not always be necessary to choose the valve that works at the highest level, because it may be helpful to work with a low maintenance product. However, there is much to be said for the high performance butterfly valve when you are working with hotter fluids and gases that require flow management. Therefore, a close analysis may be needed, or even research, in order to determine the proper level of butterfly valve for the work that you will be completing. It may be hard, but cost savings and product maintenance are of quality in the long run.

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