Here’s Your Reminder to Have Your Fire Alarm System Checked

It is a simple fact: having a fire alarm and sprinkler system set in place in your home or office will save lives and possibly your belongings. Sprinklers reduce the amount of water firefighters need to fight fires and they depend on them to start the work before they can get to the site. A fire alarm system will alert everyone in the building the minute a fire begins or when there is heavy smoke in the room. These two things will help get everyone out with almost half as many equipment loss, injuries, and deaths.

It is important to know the federal, state, and city regulations for your fire alarm system. One of the best ways to do this is to set up regular appointments with a company who does fire inspections.

Fire alarm services will come into your workplace or residence and inspect your sprinklers, fire hydrants, exits, and fire alarms to make sure that they are up to code and working properly. It is the law for you to have working fire alarm services in place so this is one thing you never want to avoid.

One fire alarm inspection every six months is the minimum amount of times you should have fire alarm services scheduled. It is never a bad idea though to call your fire alarm inspectors if you are suspicious of one of your fire alarms (there should be at least two in every home and office) has become faulty. The fire alarm is the first thing that will let the people in your home, building, or office know that they need to get out of the building as fast as they can. It is something you should always check if you value people’s safety.

Our company’s first priority is your safety. We have highly trained professionals working for us to make sure that we not only offer excellent installation services but also fire alarm maintenance and repair services as well. We make sure every system is up to code to put your mind at ease. Know that you are getting the best protection and prevention possible when you receive one of our many fire alarm services.

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