Here’s the Drill on Directional Drilling

Horizontal boring contractors

The world of drilling is largely unknown to the common civilian. When asked to think about oil drilling, what comes to mind is usually big burly Texans in cowboy hats and stirrups, stroking their sinister curly silver mustaches whilst cackling maniacally atop his huge pile of money. Meanwhile, an oil rig gone awry is spouting deep, black viscous oil in the air, splashing to and fro.
While this cartoonish image is undoubtedly entertaining, it does not encapsulate the truth of the directional drilling industry, and what auger boring contractors actually do. If you came here for the facts on directional drilling services, then you’ve come to the right place. If you only want caricatures and half truths, you might want to turn Looney Tunes back on.

What is directional drilling?
Before you can understand directional drilling, it is important to understand what a wellbore is. When directional drilling companies are searching for natural resources such as gas and oil, they dig a hole called a wellbore hole to help find those resource.
With directional drilling, the direction of the digging is more easily controlled. In general, directional drilling can be broken down into four separate categories: surface inseam, oilfield directional drilling, horizontal directional drilling, and directional boring.
In general, directional drilling services are used for eight different applications:

  • Drilling more than one well from the same location
  • When there is more than one target zone
  • Sidetracking
  • Exploring salt domes
  • Crossing rivers underground
  • To relieve a flooding wellbore
  • Fault Drilling
  • When surface locations aren’t accessible
  • As far as benefits go, there are many benefits for directional drilling. This kind of drilling enables contractors to access underground spots while imposing minimal damage to surrounding pipeline and above-ground environments.
    So now that you know so much about directional drilling, how do you feel about it? While our country seeks for long-term sustainable energy alternatives, we unfortunately have to rely on directional drilling services for electricity and energy.

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