Growing Without the Dirt Your Guide to Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the art of growing without dirt, without direct sunlight inside in a controlled environment. The soil is substituted by using mineral nutrients in a water solution. Sunshine is substituted grow lights which are designed to stimulate photosynthesis. With a flood table, grow light, house and garden plant nutrient, other hydroponic gardening supplies, some know-how and hard work your plants will be growing under glowing lights in no time. Here are some facts and considerations if you are interested in getting started in Hydroponics,

Growing is Better Inside Where its Wetter Hydroponically

Hydroponics is a better way for the home gardener to grow in any season. Once you have invested in the necessary hydroponic growing supplies you are likely to have results that will impress. Because you’re growing in a controlled environment, you never have to worry about weather conditions. Some of the plants grown with hydroponics will develop in half the time as traditional outside farming with the right mix of water, nutrients, and oxygen.

“Can You Pass Me That Hanna Checker Replacement Electrode Please?”

Flood tables do require specialized equipment such as hortilex bulbs, humidity domes, grow light hangers, econo wing reflectors, hydro air pumps, house and garden plant nutrients, (and yes a Hanna checker which is used to measure the chemical content of the water in the flood tables), but once you find a place to get your hydroponic growing supplies wholesale, the costs can be reasonable and regained once the harvests begin. There is plenty of literature on hydroponics and retailers such as grow light supply stores have staff that can also advise you on the accessories needed to begin your hydroponics adventure.

Grow More With Less Space (How is that Possible?)

Because Hydroponics requires precision and measurement, nothing has to be wasted. This is especially true to when comes to the amount of space you’ll need to allocate for your plants. You should be able to harvest 400% more with hydroponics as you would cultivating in the same amount of space outside.

Hydroponics Is a Business About Growing That is a Growing Business.

Two years ago, the total sales for grow lights (plasma and fluorescent) used in hydroponic farming amounted to about Eighty Million Dollars. The total market for all grow lights is expected to top Five Billion Dollars by the year 2022, a staggering increase in a relatively short period of time. With this will be an increase in the availability of all the accessories you need for successful hydroponics, as well as a probable drop in price as the manufacturing increases. No longer just a niche activity for individuals growing natural remedies and herbs in their basement, hydroponic produce now can be found as a matter of course in your grocery store.

If you are at all interested in hydroponics, now is the time to check it out. Join this green revolution in growing. Get your hydroponic system together so whatever time of year it is, it will be growing season for you.

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