Get Shredded! Efficient and Affordable Paper Disposal Services for Your Company

Environmentally destroy documents

In 2012, identity theft cost American citizens nearly $21 billion. Not only is that number devastating, it’s downright scary. The possibility of identity theft seemingly lurks around every corner and check-out counter, and many people believe there’s nothing they can do to stop it. The bad news? There are more ways for someone to steal your identity than simply copying your credit card information. The good news? With the right security precautions, you can prevent identity theft from happening!

Nearly half of all security breaches occur through physical means like dumpster diving. Those papers you crumpled up without shredding? They are now in the hands of someone who wants to steal your potentially sensitive information. While most companies have shredding machines, your home office may not. Not only is this a security hazard, it can also lead to a lot of unnecessary paper buildup in your work space. This, among others, is the reason that a recycling waste paper company may exist near you. The reasons to recycle waste paper are endless, but the few to focus on here are security and efficiency.

Bulk shredding services are in many ways connected to, and may even be run by, a recycling waste paper company in your area. These kinds of companies will shred and recycle your paperwork securely and efficiently, and then recycle all of it on top of that. Each year, American businesses use approximately 4 million tons of copy paper, and putting all of that in a trash bin is not only harmful to your business, it’s harmful to the environment. Shredding and recycling your documents can not only ensure the security of your company and personal information, it can help save a lot of trees!

Not sure what to shred or when to shred it? If you have any old identification cards, they should be shredded immediately, no matter how good you look in the photo. In addition, tax documents and pay stubs should be kept for no longer than a year in paper form. Unless you need a pay stub for taxes or some other kind of application, it should be shredded immediately. And for the documents you do need to keep, a locked box or filing cabinet is the best place for storage.

Secure document shredding is usually a simple task that can save you time and stress in the long run. Don’t let your papers fall into the wrong hands!

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