Get Creative and Make Your Own Greeting Cards

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You are probably used to sending out Christmas, Easter or other holiday greeting cards for, but why not create one to celebrate the start of summer? You could print a variety of pictures, either using your own printer, or through a professional photo lab, and piece together your favorite shots with designs that you can find online.

When you make your own photo greeting cards, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, and you do not have to be limited to what you find in a retail store. Online photo greeting cards are easy to make, and they offer you endless choices.

Here are few more advantages of making your own photo greeting cards.

  • Creativity. Whether you decided to print several pictures of your family, and glue them to card stock or other types of paper, or you upload your pictures to an online greeting card website, you have dozens of options. Websites often have templates that you can browse, and you can pick the one that best suits the summer, and your taste. If you are crafty, you could even buy stamps, ribbons, and other accessories to design your own card.
  • Cheaper. It can be expensive to buy a pack of greeting cards from Target or Walmart, and your choices are limited. With online cards, you only have to upload your pictures, pick your template, and if you have a high quality printer, you can print them on your own. This way you can create all your cards in one shot, and even print out easy-to-make custom envelopes, saving you money. Online greeting card sites also offer discounts on bulk orders.
  • Customization. When you make your own photo greeting cards, you have the chance to create a unique card for each recipient. If you are making one for your siblings, you could add in pictures that you know they would appreciate. For your parents, snapshots of your children may be more appropriate, and for friends, you could put together a collage of pictures of your entire family, and some of just you and your spouse. You can even customize the message on each card.

So start off the summer by perusing photo greeting cards online, and considering the level of your own creativity. It may take a while to formulate the perfect cards, but your recipients will definitely appreciate your efforts. Read more blogs like this:

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