Gas Turbine Inspection Saving You Money and Time

Turbine inspection

Just as with anything, gas turbines need inspection. Gas turbine inspection is needed because there are many aspects that can damage a turbine. Think of it this way: If you have a furnace at home, you probably have someone inspect it once per year. This ensures that the life of the furnace runs efficiently and the company can find if anything is wrong before it becomes a real problem, and you’re left without heat. Now take this comparison and compare it to a gas turbine. Gas turbines produce current in a variety of situations for companies to continue manufacturing to the best standards. For gas turbines, a borescope inspection is necessary, because it can inspect for any defects so that you can find the best replacement before you lose out on productivity in your workplace.

Turbines have been used for a variety of reasons over the years in the U.S. In fact, steam turbines has been used since the 1880s for electricity production purposed. Since then, gas turbines have taken off. There are two types of gas turbines: heavy frame engines and aeroderivative engines. There is also a variety of modules inside gas turbines: the compressor module, combustion module, and turbine module. Gas turbines are preferred over the older steam turbines because they operate at a much higher temperature. Steam turbines only operate at 1,200 degrees and gas turbines hit up to 2,000 degrees.

Because gas turbines need to run at these efficient temperatures to get the job done, it is important to always consider gas turbine inspection. Turbine support services cover a variety of maintenance techniques, for helping determine the signs of machine degradation before damage is done to the rotating equipment inside and the turbine can no longer function properly, to providing overall repairs to the system, as well as aiding in installation. Many service technicians who work on gas turbines have experience in other systems, like steam turbines as well as any other equipment with rotating factors.

Because of the great need for gas turbines in a variety of services that make our products, we should always consider maintenance first and foremost.

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