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In today’s age of media oversaturation, it can be pretty difficult for a business to get any successful marketing out where consumers will see it and respond to it. With the advancement and development of technology, things have been changing rather quickly over the last few decades, and things are continuing to change.

It can often all feel a bit too difficult to keep up with. And if your business is a relatively small one, relying largely on local support, the constant flow of larger, louder advertising and marketing techniques from larger companies can often feel discouraging. However there is a simpler solution than you might think, and it has to do with your signage, which likely already exists.

From custom banners to custom display boards

The signage of your business is incredibly important. Yes, it seems like a basic aspect of the overall operations and setup, but you definitely do not want to be one of the business owners who underestimates the value of the right sign. Prominent, clear, eye catching signage lets people know where you are, draws customers in, and in some cases even tells a little about your company. And while you do not want to overwhelm or bombard your potential consumers, adding a little more information by way of display boards on the sidewalk out front or banners in the windows can also bring more people through your door.

The overall influence of the right signage

In one survey, the majority of respondents, at almost 85%, said that they either agreed or strongly agreed with the idea that a business’s sign is able to portray the character or personality of that company. When potential consumers are getting some idea of what the business is about, just by taking a look at the sign, half of the marketing process is already complete. And it is not just businesses that benefit from proper signage.

From construction site signs to billboards to signs for local or national politics, having the right signage can be the key in effectively getting a point across.

  • Construction site signs
    Some of the most important signage you will come across, construction site signs are vital for warning drivers of changes in their usual driving route, and to make them more aware of workers in or alongside the road. Specifically designed to catch the eye of those driving at high speeds, these signs can warn of anything from changing speed zones to possible delays.
  • Billboards and other roadside signage
    Of all the people who find themselves traveling on or along the road, around 71% of them look at the advertising posted on billboards and other signs on the road. Sometimes it is for a place they know, and they are reminded to head in for a visit. And many times it is for a place or service they have yet to try, but decide to check out upon seeing the roadside promotion.
  • Political candidates, policies, and campaigns
    One study that was conducted recently showed that more than 40% of respondents reported first learning about a local political candidate when they saw a sign about him or her. It has been estimated that two of every five individuals might have voted another way on the mere fact that they had no solid name recognition for a candidate.

There are a number of ways to present your business, campaign, idea, or other type of advertisement. But one of the most important things to remember, whether you are looking for construction site signs or signage promoting a local business, is to find green eco friendly signs. There are already enough ways that we as a society contribute to the landfills and the overall decline of the health of the planet. Doing your part in whatever small way you can will add up to making a big difference.

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