Fresh Vibes The Power of Used Clothing for Veterans

Helping military families

Americans believe in giving back to communities. Americans are consistently ranked number one in the amount of giving per country, according to dollar amount, and Americans are frequently noticed in videos giving to the homeless or performing general giving acts to the community.

There are many recent examples of this. In one, a police officer adopts the child of a homeless drug addict, providing the child a level of support and her mother the peaceful knowledge that her child is in a safe place with a safe family. In another, a group of high students give their teacher a gift that signifies their support of him.

Total giving to charitable organizations amounted to nearly $360 billion in 2014. Americans want to donate and though many think they are donating more per person than others, generally they give around the same amount of money, which adds up to a lot by the end of the year.

There are many organizations which receive donations from individuals. They include organizations aimed at helping the homeless, organizations that specialize in disaster relief, organizations that build housing for those in need, and organizations that give jobs or furniture back to the community.

Americans donate clothing as well, as part of charitable giving. These types of donations go to organizations like the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and church organizations that give out clothing to the homeless. Of course, Americans could be doing more on this front. Some recent statistics show that Americans are throwing tons of clothes away per year.

With the average American buying nearly twice the amount of pieces of clothing per year than twenty years ago, it seems likely that Americans would continue their donations to used clothing stores run by nonprofit organizations. These clothing donations could help clothe families, children, the homeless, veterans, and more at-risk population.

Americans may not be doing this, however. According to some recent statistics:

  • The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles per year.
  • Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year.
  • Americans recycle or donate only about 15% of used clothing.

That number can change over time, as more people become aware of the consequences of their clothing donations. Consequences can include providing clothing for the veterans, providing clothing for the sick, providing clothing for families and children in need.

With Americans disposing of so much clothing per year, it seems that the inability for Americans to find avenues of donating their clothing may be an issue. Donations to drop boxes and nonprofit storefronts takes time and many Americans may not be choosing to spend their time donating clothes.

There are options, however. One option is called the clothing store pick up. More and more now, nonprofit organizations are going a little bit extra to pick up clothing for their at-risk populations that are in need of clothing. The clothing store pick up involves a worker being sent from the nonprofit to the home of someone with clothes.

The worker then picks them up, typically at a set time. This takes away the hassle of having to drop off the clothes to the donation center. In this case, the worker and the nonprofit just pick them up from the home. These are called different names:

  • Purple heart charity pick up
  • Pick up clothing donations
  • Charity clothing pick up
  • Donation pickup

There is also a special form of pick up called the purple heart veterans pick up. The purple heart veterans pick up is a pick up that is specially designed to pick up clothes for purple heart veterans. The purple heart veterans pick up takes donations from individuals and gives them to purple heart veterans.

The helpful part of the purple heart veterans pick up is that the donor knows that they are donating to the purple heart veterans. There are other pick ups specifically for this as well, such as clothing drives for homeless children. There are other populations as well that are in need.

There are some charities that are specifically focused on helping veterans. The wounded veterans charities do well to support our veterans who are homeless, sick, or disabled. Veterans clothing donations are popular, and like all clothing donations, can be written off taxes as a deduction.

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