Four Ways An Answering Service Will Increase Customer Satisfaction And Grow Your Bottom Line

Maryland phone answering service

A good answering service will put your customers art ease when they first call and keep them happy. Happy customers will increase your profits. But even more than that, here are four more reasons to outsource answering services.

  1. You’re company will never miss a call again. We’re not saying your receptionist doesn’t do a great job. But there is a limit to what one receptionist can do, especially if they’ve had a lot to drink that day and need to take a few bathroom breaks for instance. But despite the completely acceptable justifications for not having a receptionist available 100% of the time, the fact remains, missed phone calls are missed opportunities to turn visitors into clients and 93% of businesses miss phone calls at some point. With 24 hour live answering services, you would never miss a call again. Did you know that 69% of clients who don’t get through on the phone will not call back and 72% who do not get through on the phone will not leave a voicemail? Those numbers are high enough to merit exploring a solution.
  2. You will save money. A receptionist on the phones many not seem like an overly costly expense, but having someone in house means annual vacation time, sick days etc. occurring at unpredictable times. If you run a medium sized business, having a telephone system and dedicated employees on the phones will cost a lot of money. With a call center at your behest, you will only pay when they’re being utilized. It won’t cost extra if someone gets sick, you won’t have to upgrade your phone systems when the old one is obsolete; you basically won’t have to spend any extra money.
  3. You will increase your level of customer care. Everyone knows that rule number one of good customer service is treating your customers like gold. If you have an overworked receptionist that may not always be the case. Your customers can end up frustrated at best and leave the company at worst. Both are completely avoidable. Professional telephone answering services will always greet your customers well, they will accommodate and provide a level of service that is consistent and reliable.
  4. Dependable reliability and guaranteed disaster recovery. With an in house call system, you are technically at the mercy of the power company and the telephone company. If anything happens that interrupts either of those things, your customers are left hanging. With a professional answering service, they will have a backup plan and their own generators should that ever happen. Hiring a company that specializes in answering calls will mean hiring a company that has thought of all those pesky situations and worked to overcome them.

You obviously cannot prepare for everything while running a business. But you can employ the most cost effective and useful tools are your disposal. A professional answering service is one of those tools that upon taking a closer look, has advantages that promote growth.

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