Four Undeniable Signs that a Sales Recruitment Firm Could Improve Your Company

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If you’ve been hiring your own sales reps, chances are you know how hard it is to find sales people that stick around and generate great business. That’s where a sales recruitment agency can come in.

When you hire a sales recruitment agency, you’re basically outsourcing the hiring process to a group of experts with connections in the sales industry. They’ll use their extensive network and experience to find the best candidates for you.

Here are a few signs that you should contact a sales recruitment agency:

  1. You Have a High Turnover Rate

    The sales industry typically has a high turnover rate, but if you find that you’re losing sales reps faster than you can hire them, it might be time to look into sales recruitment firms. Experienced sales recruiters can hone in on sales reps that will stick around and go far in your company so you don’t have to keep hiring flakes.
  2. You Lose Money on Employees

    Training and on-boarding new employees is expensive, and it takes time for sales people to understand enough to start bringing in a profit. If they leave before they actually make a significant dent in your sales quota, you could end up losing a lot of money. Hiring better workers up front can help prevent that from happening.
  3. You Don’t Have the Hours or Manpower for Hiring

    Not everyone can afford an extensive HR department. If you want to supplement your workforce with an outsourced hiring company, that burden will be entirely off your hands.
  4. You Lack the Resources to Train Employees

    Training takes time that many companies just don’t have. Plenty of sales recruitment companies provide training and on-boarding services as well, so your employees can focus on sales instead of training other employees.

If any of these apply to your company, contact a sales staffing agency today.

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