Four Simple Steps to Start Shipping Greener and Save Money

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One of the convenient things about being eco-conscious in business is that is usually also saves money since the goals are to be efficient and use a smaller amount of materials. Here are a few steps for businesses to take to help them kickstart a green shipping effort.

1. Choose Ground Shipping.
One step to more environmentally friendly is to choose ground shipping rather than air shipping. In almost any case, airplanes use more fuel than trucks or cars do, so by opting for ground shipping a business is helping reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are released into the environment. If a business isn’t yet doing this, it’s worth revisiting service levels, shipping plans, and contract rates for shipments (since this can save the business money and reduce freight cost as well). It’s also worth choosing LTL (less than truckload shipping) shipping for smaller shipments, so as not to waste space in a larger shipping vehicle.

2. Consider Your Packing Materials.
Packaging and shipping uses a lot of materials — in paper, cardboard, and plastic. Taking in consideration what packing materials are used and how can also help a business take steps toward greener shipping. For example, bubble wrap is 75% less expensive than Styrofoam. Furthermore, Styrofoam cannot be recycled. Reusing shipping and packing materials like paper and cardboard boxes is also more environmentally friendly.

3. Ship Efficiently.
Another step a business can take to ship more environmentally friendly is to make sure that shipping is done efficiently. This starts with the packing of boxes — it’s better to ship things that are going to the same place in one large box rather than several smaller, lighter boxes. Additionally, using transportation management software can also help plan efficient routes and find the cheapest, fastest options for shipping (which will reduce freight price as well).

Do you have any tips for shipping green or on how to reduce freight price? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments section.

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