Four Mistakes to Fix to Find Your Dream Job

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You’ve just received that email or phone call every job hunter dreads, you didn’t get the position. It’s common to feel frustrated after receiving a job rejection letter. Don’t feel stressed, the right job is waiting for you. One great way to ensure you land a dream job is to follow the right tips. Many people make mistakes in the job hunting process. It’s common to be unaware of a few job hunting problems you will want to take care of right away. In this post, you will learn four reasons most people don’t get hired for a job.

  • Risque Social Media Profile

    One study finds that 93% of job recruiters will view social media profiles of candidates. Not everyone knows that your social media profiles are being viewed by recruiters. You will want to grab a list of all social media profiles you have. It’s common for recruiters to check Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages. However, ensuring you’ve looked at all of your social media pages is a wise idea. You will want to remove any posts, images, or videos that could be taken the wrong way. If you imagine your grandparents would be embarrassed by anything on your social media pages, it’s time to start editing!
  • Applying to the Wrong Positions

    It’s best to have professional guidance when applying for jobs. A recruiting agency will help match your skills to the right position. Over 3 million contract and temporary workers are employed by staffing companies during an average week in the United States. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a job that isn’t a great match for you. Employment agencies are skilled at placing potential hires at companies that pair together well. In many cases, applying to positions that are suited to your needs will help increase your interview rate.
  • Your Resume Needs a Second Look

    Many job hunters know the feeling of sending out multiple resumes. It’s tough to realize your resume is filled with mistakes, especially after sending it out all day. A recruiting agency will help look over your resume which is very beneficial to a job hunter. You will find that a staffing agency worker is a great source of information to help you find the right job. Tailoring your resume to the job you want is very important. The best resumes contain specific data about how you’ve helped a business.
  • Mistakes Were Made During the Interview

    One of the last tests before landing a job is the interview. It’s important to be relaxed and polite during all stages of an interview. One area where many people struggle during an interview is when asked if the interviewee has any questions. Your gut reaction will be to say you have no questions but that isn’t the best move. Take an hour before the day of your interview to research the company. This research will have you easily able to ask a couple of questions at the end of an interview.

In summary, there are important reasons that people don’t land a job. It’s important that you don’t feel discouraged as being rejected is part of the job hunting process. Many workers choose to work with a recruiting agency. These agencies help job hunter with their resumes, interview skills, and finding job matches. One study finds that turnover costs a business from anywhere between 30-150% of a workers salary. Companies enlist the help of a recruiting agency to find the right workers. Job hunters working with a recruiting agency have much needed assistance during the job hunting process.

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