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um siding” in which they explain precisely what to do in the beginning. You’ll learn more!
How to install aluminum siding

First, prepare the space as well as clean the external walls. Then, you place the underlayment in place, which usually consists of foam boards. This can be accomplished with several sheets of nails.

Afterward, you have to put in corner posts. Footers are next on the list, which is a part of the trim which you need to put on the lower part of the walls outside. After that, you’ll need to install an F-channel trim near the ends of the eaves. To fill any gaps, use caulk.

When you’ve done this then it’s time to create the trims to fit the doors and windows. They are also called J-channel. It is possible to install the trim to match the door, and maybe even windows. Finally, it’s time to start adding your siding sheets. Start at the bottom before moving upwards. Always secure the bottom of each new sheet and the one before it.

The installation of aluminum siding is fairly simple siding once you understand the steps. See the video below for complete specifics!


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