Five Ways You Can Cut Your Energy Bills in Half

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Have you noticed your monthly utility bills going up? The average amount of electricity used in the United States doubles about every 20 years; prices aren’t likely to go back down anytime soon. If you’re sick of shelling out so much money to your electric and gas providers, don’t worry — learning how to save money on electricity is quick and easy.

Here are the five best ways you can save money on electricity significantly:

1. Use your thermostat more efficiently: While you might have a hard time turning the thermostat down a few degrees in the winter (or conversely, up a few degrees in the summer), it can help you save money on electricity. If you get cold in the winter, put a sweater on; and if you’re hot in the summer, buy a fan!

2. Turn off the lights: It sounds simple, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t turn off the light when they leave a room. It can save money on electricity bills by more than you might think! Switching out your old lightbulbs to high-efficiency bulbs can help make a difference, too.

3. Use the dishwasher sparingly: Your dishwasher uses a surprising amount of energy each time you run it. By learning how to load your dishwasher efficiently and reducing the number of times you run the dishwasher, you’ll notice immediately that you save money on electricity.

4. Unplug it: Household electronics like the TV and computer don’t stop using energy when you turn them off. When plugged in, these devices continue to sap energy from your home’s outlets — save money on electricity by unplugging them when you are done using them.

5. Switch electricity providers: There’s no law that says you have to stick with the same gas and electric providers your whole life. It’s highly likely that you can save money on electricity and gas by simply switching electricity companies. There are a variety of different price comparison tools for utility companies on the web, where you can find the cheapest electricity suppliers in your area for free.

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