Five Tips for Organizing Your Community

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While the 2016 presidential election is still over a year away, many potential candidates have already announced their intention to run and begun organizing their campaigns. As a result, many Americans are likely eagerly or reluctantly readying themselves for all of the speeches, TV commercials and debates that come with this process. However, others will likely see this early stage as an opportunity to begin championing their favorite candidates and pet issues. But how does one organize their community and effectively convince people that their cause deserves attention? Grab your clipboards, signs and D ring binders: it’s time to find out.

Get Organized…Literally
If you’re going to protest or support a candidate or issue, you will need a team you can trust and the basic resources to help you plan your approach. Talk to people in your community who have similar interests, strong feelings about your goal, and some time in their schedules to dedicate to the cause. Next, plan a shopping trip: you’ll likely need D ring binders, numbered dividers cheap bubble mailers, clipboards, printable sticker labels and other common office supplies to help you keep track of the information you’ll be gathering and sharing. Fortunately, it is possible to find cheap ring binders, laser labels and bubble envelopes wholesale, making this step easy and affordable, even for volunteers on a budget.

Pick a Message
You and your team may have an issue you are trying to target, but you need to find the best way to approach and solve this problem. Brainstorm catch phrases, potential answers and more. Bear in mind that most people are more likely to respond to a message if it includes both positive and negative components, and that your opponents will probably immediately ask about how you would handle the problems you’re discussing as a way to discredit your argument. Prepare accordingly.

Find a Way to Let Your Community Get Involved
Sadly, most people interested in your goal will likely only have the time and attention to do one thing for your campaign, and one thing only. As a result, most of your methods will need to be relatively simple, with your more difficult and time-consuming tasks going to your dedicated activists.

Work to Remain Open-minded
You’re going to have to work with a wide variety of different people to spread your message and enact change; for this reason, it is best to leave your stereotypes at the door. Likewise, you will likely need to negotiate and communicate with some people you may not agree with. However, by remaining friendly, upbeat and focused on achieving positive change, you not only have a better chance of success, but can also inspire those around you.

Prevent Division Among Your Group
There is no situation where everyone will agree on everything, but this doesn’t mean that the things your group agrees on are any less important or achievable. Keep your fellow activists and volunteers focused on your goal and common interests rather than your differences. Remember, cooperation is integral to success, so grab your clipboards and D ring binders and get ready to advocate for change.

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