Five Creative Ideas for Celebrating the Life of Your Pet

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Dogs are not always man’s best friend. They’re also woman’s best friend. And sometimes man’s best friend is a cat, a parrot, or a ferret named “Dog.” The thing all pet lovers feel the same about is the deep mourning experienced at the loss of a beloved animal. There is often an unspoken sentiment in society that the sense of loss when a pet is gone should fade within weeks. Many pet owners feel the exact opposite however, the pain felt at the loss of a pet can take years or a life time to recover from.

Although nothing will take the place of holding your furry friend in your arms, here are a few creative ways people commemorate a well-loved pet:

  1. Planting a Tree in Fido’s Honor
    There is something incredibly therapeutic about celebrating your beloved animal’s life with a living memorial. Dedicating a new tree to your pet’s memory is a beautiful way to commemorate them. There are even biodegradable cremation urns available now so that your pet’s ashes can be used to nourish the tree in their honor; in that way, the life of the animal will exist throughout the life of the tree.
  2. Special Pet Urns for Ashes
    Your pet’s veterinarian probably has pet urns for ashes on-hand that will give you the chance to honor your fur-baby. However, sometimes it is nice to use pet urns for ashes of your pet that really celebrates their spirit. For example, some urns have a plaque so that an imprint of your baby’s paw can be made before he is cremated. Or if your cat particularly loved chasing a toy with a feather on the end, why not decorate the ash containers with the feather?
  3. Pet-Inspired Jewelry
    What better way to keep your animal close than to hold them by your heart? There are a number of jewelry manufacturers who make special pet-commemorative jewelry. One particularly popular form of pet jewelry are “dog nose” charms. The imprint of a dog nose is as unique as a fingerprint. Having your pup’s nose imprinted in gold or silver and made into a charm on a necklace is a great way to hold them dear. You could also commission ash necklaces or ash pendants to be made of your fur-child, to keep them close to your heart.
  4. A Hand-Painted Portrait
    Having a painting of your beloved pet to look at on a daily basis will be a constant reminder of their bright life. There are many artists who are fellow animal-lovers and would love to create a masterpiece in your animal’s likeness.
  5. A Commemorative Headstone
    If your pet is as dear to you as any person, it only makes sense that you would want to honor them in the way you would any other human. Getting a headstone or plaque in your pet’s name is a great way to create a place to visit and bring flowers to when you miss them most.

How did you commemorate the passing of your pet? Do you have any creative suggestions that we didn’t include? Please add them in the comment section below.

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